Shafiq’s Principle of Surgery in General

By - Kazi Shafiqul Alam

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Title Shafiq’s Principle of Surgery in General
Author Kazi Shafiqul Alam
Publisher Banglamed Publication
ISBN 9789849665601
Edition Premium
Suitable for Undergraduate and post-graduate students

About the book…. Principles of surgery is difficult but very important for all types of students in surgery. No one can pass surgery exam without knowing the principle of surgery. I am trying to assemble most of the important topics under an umbrella. a. This types of book in surgery is written in Bangladesh for the first time. b. It is based on different surgical text books and different guidelines. c. Highlighted in basics of surgery. d. All topics are explained in easy way. e. It includes adequate flow chart and pictures for easy understanding. f. Written for MBBS and all types of post-graduate students. g. Topics are explained in a way so that written and viva questions can be easily answered. h. Information’s are taken from authentic source. i. Every chapter have adequate questions for written examination.